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Was your last date charming, attractive, attentive and infected with Chlamydia?

Chlamydia Early Detection How to test STI testing

According to Health navigator, New Zealand, Chlamydia is the counties leading sexually transmitted infection. For a list of symptoms please see the report here:

However many show no symptoms at all so that healthy looking date you just had could easily have been infected and as Chlamydia can also be transmitted by activities such as mutual masturbation or fingering using a condom is not a guarantee of safety. The infection rates of Chlamydia are high in NZ and particularly high in certain age groups and regions. 

The University of Otago reports that "One in three New Zealand women have had the sexually transmitted infection (STI) chlamydia by the age of 38 as have one in five men" which is staggeringly high number and explains the challenge this bacteria presents the health community. You can read more here:

Early detection and treatment are the best weapons against Chlamydia so far but this relies on education that directs individuals to practice safe sex and those that have been at risk realise that risk and get tested.


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